Vinyl Siding Cost

What does the Vinyl Siding Cost depend on?

The price of vinyl siding depends on many parameters:

  • The quality of raw materials;
  • Thickness;
  • Manufacturer;

Vinyl Siding Cost

Average Cost of Vinyl Siding

The thickness of the siding panels

Industry standard ASTM D3679 which is observed by all vinyl siding manufacturers in Canada and the United States allows panel thickness in the redistribution of 0.92 – 1.2 mm.

If you see a material with a thickness of less than 0.9 or more than 1.2 mm, it is necessary to ask the seller more about the manufacturer. Non-standard thickness should be very suspicious.

With a panel thickness of less than 0.9 mm, the cost will be the minimum price because the manufacturer saves money on raw materials. This material is not practical for outdoor work; it is not strong enough and after installation can “clap” in the wind.

A large thickness of more than 1.2 mm indicates that:

The manufacturer is not sure of the quality of its raw materials – PVC compound; it runs on stale equipment and can’t calibrate it to the right thickness, so it does with reserve.

This material will not provide the necessary flexibility and installation can simply crack. The facade of the house can deteriorate later. Due to the poor quality of raw materials panels can be deformed, they can delaminate or lose plasticity and become brittle.

In any case, the “thick” vinyl siding cost should be minimal as there is a saving on raw materials and equipment. But even this cost will be too high-if you have to redo everything again.


Why is the cost of dark vinyl siding colors in much higher than it has a light color? Because of expensive color stabilization technologies are used to keep dark panels from fading in the sun. And the usual dyes dark color fade much faster in the sun than light colors. Therefore dark shades have a slightly higher price.

Dark siding fades faster on 30%


Low-quality raw materials can melt from high temperatures. Trying your own find out quality vinyl siding is difficult but there are some tips. It is usually recommended to check:

  • Is the thickness of the siding profile uniform?
  • Is there a rough surface?
  • If a uniformly colored panel siding;

But on such recommends you can identify only very poor quality product. How to behave in an outwardly normal facade material in the future is unknown. There is only one way to protect you – to buy a well-known brand. And the price of such a manufacturer cannot be lower than the average cost in the market.