Can you paint Vinyl Siding on a House?

Question: Сan you paint vinyl siding on a house? Of course yes!  It should be said that this will help you save money; the price of paint will be much lower than the new siding material.

You can do all the work by yourself and it will not cost you too much. Today we will tell you how to paint the siding correctly to keep it in good condition for a long time.

We consider how to choose the right paint and instructions on how to properly you can paint vinyl siding.

How to choose Vinyl siding paint?

So, what Сan you paint vinyl siding with? We have already found out that the facade paint should have a similar color to the finishing material or be a little lighter.

  • In addition, special paints for siding have a certain constituent.
  • The most optimal for siding will be painted based on urethane and acrylic resins. Water-based urethane in combination with high-quality acrylic resins makes it possible to obtain a paint with good properties.
  • The urethane makes the dried paint is flexible, which is necessary in the case of the constant fluctuations in vinyl siding.
  • In the choice, it is necessary to consider that the paint with a matte texture will perfectly hide small defects of a surface, but it will be more difficult to be cleaned. Therefore, glossy paint will look beautiful and shiny, easy to wash, however, there will be highlighted defects on the surface.

Urethane paint for outdoor

Urethane paint for outdoor suited best for painting Vinyl siding


Some Advice!

When you choose the paint for siding, see if the composition contains urethane.

This may be a latex outdoor paint that contains urethane.

The price of such paints is often not much higher than conventional paints for outdoor work.


How to paint vinyl siding

Let’s look at how you can paint the Vinyl siding by yourself. The process usually takes place in two stages, which we will analyze in detail.

Preparation for painting

Preparation for painting is performed as follows:

  • Before painting the vinyl siding expose to thorough cleaning. To do this, use a soap-water solution. The sink of a siding facade carries out from top to down, soaking a sponge or a rag in soapy-water solution and carefully washing off a surface from dust and dirt. If traces of fungus or mold are found on the surface, such areas should be washed with oxygen bleach.
  • After washing, the surface should be wiped with a clean rag to remove any remaining dirt.
  • Siding should be washed with a sponge or brush

Some Advice!

Do not wash the siding with water from the hose.

As practice shows, after such washing traces of dirt remain on the surface and reduce the quality of painting as a result.

Vinyl siding painting technology

Instructions for painting the siding is as follows:

  • Before use, the paint should be thoroughly mixed. As the main tool for painting use a wide brush that suits the width of the siding panel.
  • Begin painting the facade from the top of the corner of the wall. Painting is performed along the fibers of the siding, usually in the horizontal direction. Paint on 2-4 panels at the same time depending on their width, moving along a wall to avoid stains and visible borders on the painted surface. Then return to the starting point and paint the following panels.
  • At the end of painting carefully inspect the surface for gaps and poorly painted areas. Detected defects must be fixed.
  • If the color of the facade paint is substantially different from the color of the vinyl siding, it is necessary to apply two or more layers of the coloring solution to the material. This avoids gaps and uneven in color, as a result of painting.
  • The photo shows the process of painting the siding using a paint roller.

Can you paint Vinyl Siding


It is not desirable to paint the siding under the influence of sunlight.

Should start with painting the side of the house which is in the shade.

In this case, the paint will dry out more slowly, and therefore will stay better.

Share your experience in the comments below. Are you going to paint vinyl siding on your house?