Calculate Family Expenses for the New Year

Once the Christmas dates, the time of gifts and dinners are over, it is time to face the new year, and not only do you have to deal with the January slope, but many families will take advantage to make reforms or consider the new stage as an opportunity to save or improve the domestic economy.

Many platforms have detected this need, and offer fast online credits to those who need a little help to start new projects or cover small debts they may have incurred during Christmas.

However, the best before starting the year, new adventures with the family or borrowing money, is to learn to calculate an estimated figure of family expenses to be borne and get an idea of ​​how much we will have consumed at the end of the year and Try to plan a savings or a better distribution of our money.

To have a healthy family economy, at least ten percent of income must be saved, which can be used to settle debts, make home repairs, an emergency fund or prepare for retirement. It is convenient to learn to organize since the expenses of the holidays can get to unbalance the forecasts of very stable economies. To keep good control of income and expenses, it is advisable to prepare a complete family budget and as detailed as possible.

A family budget can be a great help in visualizing the options that will be added to the monthly accounts. It is a tool that must be created before the beginning of the year and reviewed permanently to feed it back with real and current data that readjusts the accounts, in order to make better decisions.

A budget can help a family, just as it helps companies control their business and organize their money.

Calculating fixed expenses and becoming aware of them can be a fundamental pillar for those who want to promote savings and optimize expenses. Afterward, tricks or discounts can always be applied to reduce the economic impact.

For this, you will have to have a list of all the expenses that we will have monthly insurance, some of them are electricity, water, mortgage, gasoline, telephone or food. In the end, it is as simple as adding the monthly amounts, the result will let us know how much our fixed expenses amount to at the end of the year.

In addition, we can add some annual disbursements, such as life and health insurance. Then, once the expenses have been identified, a first approach can be made of which are reducible, which are fixed and which are the most recurrent. Finally, you have to estimate the sources of income that you have, if you have a fixed payroll or those that are estimated if not, for each month of the year, although it seems a detail it is advisable to do it with a color different, to distinguish them with simple sight. By subtracting expenses from income, a fairly approximate idea of ​​the savings that can be expected for each month of the year can be obtained.

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