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Building Homes, Building Business, One Window at a Time

WAKE FOREST, NC In the home building industry, trusted partnerships revolve around more than just manufacturing and buying and selling great products, they also require business building solutions. As long term business partners, Ply Gem Windows, Homes By Dickerson and Professional Builders Supply have built their relationship on this philosophy, with the ultimate goal of providing homeowners with beautiful, quality, energy efficient windows.

Located in Raleigh, N.C., Homes By Dickerson builds high performance custom homes in the Triangle region. When presented with the opportunity to be the first builder in the country to incorporate the new Ply Gem Windows 1500 Vinyl Collection for a home in Wake Forest, N.C., there was no hesitation.

“We like the value Ply Gem Windows offers,” said Jon Showalter, comptroller, Homes By Dickerson. “We certainly know we get more window with our dollar. We also like the high performance features, the look, feel and ease of installation of Ply Gem Windows.”

The new 1500 Vinyl Collection combines these elements – performance, aesthetics and installation – into an easy to select, easy to install window. Instead of a window series with pre-selected options, builders can customize the product to meet the needs of their customers and their market.

“With the 1500 Vinyl Collection, we’ve consolidated all our options into one platform that includes a common sash, common sizing and multiple customization options,” said Gary Luther, senior product marketing manager, Ply Gem Windows. “The window is designed to be tailored to the builder’s needs without sacrificing performance or aesthetics, or paying more for features that are not needed. The beauty of the product is that no two builders will have the same exact window. We listened to the voice of the customer, and are delivering on their feedback through a premium window without the premium price tag.”

Dickerson Crew

Once installed, the Ply Gem Windows 1500 Vinyl Collection makes it easy for homeowners to enjoy the view and comfort from their new home. Dual lift rails and smooth operation make opening and closing easy, while forced entry resistant locks keep the home secure. For simple cleaning, a recessed custom barrel tilt-latch allows the window to tilt back with minimal effort, and locks securely with a dead-bolt action. And because the windows are vinyl, they are easy to maintain.

“The homeowner is really going to benefit because the windows are so low maintenance,” said Bryan Pendergraft, project superintendent, Homes by Dickerson. “There is no risk of rotting wood, they are easy to clean and homeowners don’t need to repaint them. The windows are great quality.”

With the introduction of this window, Ply Gem Windows has made a concerted effort to give both builder and supplier customers everything they need to stand out in the marketplace and create happy customers.

“I know that Ply Gem’s motto is Building Products. Building Success. I can identify with that because as we use Ply Gem Windows, we are creating a successful environment for our company. These windows help us reach the energy performance levels we need and think are critical in this market to sell homes to customers who are expecting their houses to perform in a certain way. The building products that Ply Gem offers, especially windows, are helping build our success,” said Showalter.