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Ply Gem Windows 1500 Vinyl Collection

ATHENS, GA Quality products, superior craftsmanship and customer service are just a few of the many guiding company principles of Athens, GA-based custom home builder, Frameworks Unlimited, and building materials supplier, Harbin Lumber. Relying on trusted partnerships is also key to the success of both companies. With the introduction of the Ply Gem Windows 1500 Vinyl Collection, Ply Gem has furthered its commitment to being a trusted manufacturer and business building solution partner.

“The primary thing that I look for in a product manufacturer is a partnership,” said Randy Wells, sales manager, Harbin Lumber. “I want to make sure that our customers are going to be taken care of after the project is finished. Ply Gem has always done a great, great job helping us with that. They’ve always stood with us.”

Building on that partnership, Frameworks Unlimited and Harbin Lumber were one of the first customers in the country to install the new Ply Gem Windows 1500 Vinyl Collection. With the new collection, builders can customize the product to meet market needs by choosing which features they need, instead of selecting from within a pre-selected series.

“We’re excited about using the new Ply Gem Windows 1500 Vinyl Collection,” said Rodney Jones, builder, Frameworks Unlimited. “The product offers many different options, with different styles of mouldings for the exterior, as well as several different color options. Ply Gem also will make any custom shaped windows, grille patterns and lites that we need for our homes. They are very easy to work with and offer us many options and solutions for our homeowners.”

The Ply Gem Windows 1500 Vinyl Collection is a consolidation of features from multiple Ply Gem Windows lines into one platform with a common sash, common sizing and virtually limitless customization options. Builders start by selecting from three frame options – brickmould, beveled and flat. From there, they can choose from three colors – white, beige and clay – and multiple grille, simulated divided lite (SDL) and shape options to get the desired look.

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